Most of us do very little in the way of foot care and pampering, yet we expect our feet to work hard for us every day. If you have a minor foot problem it needs treating before it becomes a painful or major condition.handandfoot

•   Callouses

•   Corns

•   Fungal toenails

•   Heal Pain

•   Metatarsal pain

•   Diabetics

•   Dry Skin

•   Bunions

•   Cracked heals

•   Flat feet

•   Arch Pain

Healthy Feet have over twenty five years’ experience in treating a whole range of foot problems from verrucae to surgery on toenails.

We can also investigate and identify underlying causes of heel, knee and even back pain. Contact us for advice on biomechanics and orthotic therapy

Our key focus is our Customers – easy said – but we realise that you are our business.

We pride ourselves on Customer Service and we will always go the extra mile to meet your needs – even to the extent that we can offer home calls and off premise calls should this be important to you.

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